resources that might compliment our work in psychotherapy:


 INDIGO ACUPUNCTURE AND WELLNESS: This ancient form of traditional Chinese medicine helps to restore balance in the body.  As we grow to understand the connection between psychological and physical health, acupuncture is gaining popularity in the treatment of conditions such as: anxiety, depression, infertility, pain, fatigue, etc.  


FAMILY TREE YOGA: A yoga center that offers a variety of services(classes, workshops, support groups, playgroups, etc.) for the whole family.  

THE PARENT COLLECTIVE: Provides a home for prenatal education, open discussion and community building through a series of closed groups.

STAMFORD BALANCE:  Chiropractic work takes a whole body approach towards treating illnesses. It's particularly helpful in mental health due to its focus on the nervous system. Simply put, by correcting misalignments in the spine,  removing nerve blockages, chiropractors are promoting a healthy flow of blood and nutrients throughout the body which can improve mental functioning. 

Perinatal Resources:

POSTPARTUM SUPPORT INTERNATIONAL(PSI):  The world's leading organization dedicated  to increasing support and providing resources for women and their families during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Also to increasing awareness of the mental health challenges related to childbearing and parenting, and to provide perinatal mental health training for childbirth professionals.  PSI offers a host of services that includes: a helpline, text support, newsletter, and formal training for professionals. Local chapters are available in most states, check out the CONNECTICUT CHAPTER HERE  for local events and support groups. 

 HOPE AFTER LOSS: Supports parents and families who have experienced the loss of their baby during pregnancy or anytime during the infant's life. The organization offers many levels of support including free bereavement support groups and burial financial assistance.  

MOTHER TO BABY CT: A free consultation service for providers and families searching for guidance on any substance interference with pregnancy development and/or breastfeeding.  For example,  if you're concerned about the whether  a medication that you're taking may have an effect on your unborn baby or whether it could be passed through your breastmilk. Mother To Baby CT offers telephone or in person consultation and has many fact sheets on psychotropic medications in pregnancy through their website.  

MINDING THE BABY:  A home visiting program  designed to  promote positive health, mental health, life course, and attachment outcomes in babies, mothers, and their families. Recently it's become available in Stamford and Norwalk for pregnant women age 18-25. 

most recommended books:


AND BABY MAKES THREE: John Gottman and Julie Schwartz provide an incredible context on how your relationships transform after having a baby and particularly teach couples how to maintain a healthy marriage in the midst of this transition. 


THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE: An innovative way to view the effects of trauma on the body and brain. Included are strategies that go beyond the traditional treatment approaches. 


BRAINSTORM: The parenting book that I recommend the most for the teenage years. Not only does it provide a wonderful overview of the teenage brain but how to harness its unique powers.